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Pocket Diagnostic Phytophthora plant pathogen rapid test is a lateral flow test designed for the detection of many Phytophthora species including P. ramorum (Sudden oak death), P. infestans (Blight, Late blight), P. kernoviae, P. lateralis, P. cinnamomi and P. cactorum.

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Pocket Diagnostic® Phytophthora rapid tests can be used with a wide range of plant material, including woody tissues, tough leaves, roots and soft material.

Phytophthora is a serious fungus-like pathogen of which there are many species, affecting numerous plant hosts. Diseases caused by this pathogen include ramorum blight, potato late blight, tomato late blight, dieback and sudden oak death.

The Pocket Diagnostic® Phytophthora rapid test kit has been independently validated using the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection (EPPO) standards.

Kit Contents


  • 1 x Phytophthora rapid test device,
  • 1 x sample extraction bottle,
  • 1 x pipette
  • 1 x Instructions for use

Box of 50

  • 50 x Phytophthora rapid test device,
  • 50 x sample extraction bottle,
  • 50 x pipette
  • 5 x Instructions for use

The following describes the simple process of using Pocket Diagnostic® plant disease tests for the in-field testing of Phytophthora.

  1. Select sample (as detailed below)
  2. Cut or tear sample into small pieces and put into bottle containing buffer
  3. Shake firmly for 30-60 seconds to break up the sample and allow the liquid to settle
  4. Draw liquid into the pipette – avoid sample debris and air bubbles
  5. Keeping the test device level, add 2 drops into the sample well of the device
  6. Valid results within 10 minutes

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