Erwinia amylovora

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The Pocket Diagnostic® Erwinia amylovora rapid test is a lateral flow test designed for the detection of Erwinia amylovora using on a wide range of plant material samples , including woody tissues, leaves, roots and soft material.

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Erwinia amylovora is a serious bacterial disease of some rosaceous plants (apples, pears and related trees and shrubs). The bacterium causes the disease Fireblight and is a major threat to industry; pears are most susceptible to Fireblight.

Kit Contents

  • 4 x Erwinia amylovora rapid test device,
  • 4 x sample extraction bottle,
  • 4 x pipette
  • 4 x Instructions for use

The following describes the simple process of using Pocket Diagnostic® plant disease tests for the in-field testing of Erwinia amylovora.

  1. Select sample (as detailed below)
  2. Cut or tear sample into small pieces and put into bottle containing buffer
  3. Shake firmly for 30-60 seconds to break up the sample and allow the liquid to settle
  4. Draw liquid into the pipette – avoid sample debris and air bubbles
  5. Keeping the test device level, add 2 drops into the sample well of the device
  6. Valid results within 10 minutes

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