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AILV HYB (Artichoke Italian Latent Virus)

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DOT BLOT DNA hybridization kit
Non-radiactive probe 1 vial
Nylon membrane 5x10 cm, spotted controls, 1 negative 1 positive
48 Tests code: H-11

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Data Sheet
Method of assay:
Dot blot DNA hybridization with non-radioactive labeled DNA probes patent n° 0001355079 of 20.2.2009, University of Bari, Italy
Diagnostic signal:
Chemiluminescent by the action of alkaline phosphatase on the CSPD or CDP star substrate
Number of tests:
Intended Use:
Molecular detection of Artichoke Italian Latent Virus (AILV) in artichoke leaves
Quacquarelli, A., Gallitelli, D., Savino, V., Piazzolla, P. and Martelli, G.P. (1976b). Abstr. Proc. 6th Conf. Int. Counc. Grapevine Viruses, Cordova 1976, p.10.
Supplied controls:
Spotted on the testing membrane 5x10 cm positive control consists of AILV PCR products negative control consists of healthy artichoke plant sap
Supplied reagents:
Non-radioactive DNA probe for 50 reactions
Shelf life:
12 months stored at -20°C
Approximately 20 μg of infected tissue.

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