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7 grapevine viruses

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Matrices: Leaf, wood

Other information: Internal control.

Included: ready-to-use 7VV PCR Master mix, 2 positive controls, negative control, IFU, certificate of quality. Kit commercialized without the RT-Enzyme

DetectionArabis mosaic virus (ArMV), Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV), Grapevine leafroll-associated virus -1 (GLRaV-1), -2 (GLRaV-2) and -3 (GLRaV-3), Grapevine virus A (GVA) and Grapevine fleck virus (GFkV) on grapevine


Targeted pathogen:
Arabis mosaic virus
Grapevine fanleaf virus
Grapevine fleck virus
Grapevine leafroll associated virus-1
Grapevine leafroll associated virus-2
Grapevine leafroll associated virus-3
Grapevine virus A

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