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Arabis Mosaic Nepovirus. ArMV

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Arabis Mosaic Nepovirus. ArMV   (Ash Ring and Line Pattern Virus,Forsythia Yellow Net Virus, Rhabarber Mosaic Virus, Raspberry Yellow Dwarf Virus).

Assay type: DAS ELISA using polyclonal antiserum from rabbit.

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Host range: many species. Transmission: grafting, mechanical inoculation, seed.

Description                                                        Format                   Cat. No.               

Arabis Mosaic Virus set / 100                                100 tests              07053S/100        

Arabis Mosaic Virus set / 300                                300 tests              07053S/300        

Arabis Mosaic Virus set / 500                                500 tests              07053S/500        

Arabis Mosaic Virus set / 1000                            1000 tests              07053S/1000      

Arabis Mosaic Virus complete kit / 96                      96 tests              07053C/096        

Arabis Mosaic Virus complete kit / 480                   480 tests              07053C/480        

Arabis Mosaic Virus complete kit / 960                   960 tests              07053C/960        

Positive Control Arabis Mosaic Virus inactivated     1 vial (10 tests)      07053PC              

Negative Control Arabis Mosaic Virus                    1 vial (10 tests)      07053NC


ELISA sets are supplied as 100, 300, 500 and for many articles as 1000 and 5000 test units.

One set is composed of the corresponding amount of IgG and AP-conjugate solution. Unless stated otherwise the ELISA reagents are optimized for a test volume of 200 µl per well, ensuring the highest accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity of the ELISA assay.


ELISA Complete Kits

Complete kits contain all components to perform an ELISA assay, i.e. IgG and

AP-conjugate solution, positive and negative controls, ELISA buffers and chemicals,

substrate tablets, and high-binding ELISA plates or stripe-modules.

ELISA Controls

Negative controls are made from a healthy host plant and are tested for

the absence of the respective pathogen. They are lyophilized and sufficient for

10 test wells.

Positive controls are made from infected plant material or bacterial cultures,

if not stated otherwise. They are lyophilized and sufficient for 10 test wells.

Inactivated positive controls have been additionally tested for the absence of infectivity.

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