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Apple Mosaic Virus (ApMv)

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DASI ELISA KIT Apple Mosaic Virus
Capture polyclonal - detection monoclonal line B11- conjugate anti mouse - positive and negative controls
500 tests code: K-15B
1000 tests code: K-15A

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Data Sheet
Method of assay:
ELISA Double Antibody Sandwich Indirect (DASI) by monoclonal antibody line B11 produced by DIBCA, University of Bari, Italy
Diagnostic signal:
Colorimetric by the action of alkaline phosphatase (AP) on p-nitrophenyl phosphate
Number of tests:
Intended Use:
In vitro detection of Apple Mosaic Virus (ApMV) in young leaf of pome and stone fruit tree
Imed A., Boscia D., Boari A., Saldarelli P., Digiaro M. and Savino V., 1997. A comparison of apple mosaic virus isolates from prunus trees and production of specific monoclonal antibodies. EPPO Bulletin 27, 149
Supplied controls:
Positive Negative Freeze-dried peach leaf tissue. The absence and the presence of ApMV were ascertained by indexing on peach indicators, and ELISA
Supplied reagents:
Capture 200 µl/well - detection 200 µl/well - conjugate anti mouse 200 µl/well
Shelf life:
9-12 months when stored at 4°C

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